Field Trip – Savannah, GA


It was a gloomy overcast day when we decided to go to Savannah to visit the farmers market.(Yes, we work at farmers markets and on our days off we visit farmers markets.)

We thought that perhaps we would drive out of the gloom and into a sunny day. As it turned out, the clouds in Savannah got tired of flying high and decided to settle in for the day:


But we’re not ones to be put off by the soft mist and cool caressing light of a city being hugged by clouds. We meandered through Forsyth Park and eventually made it to the farmers market. Garnette was more attentive to the market as I was busy gazing at the beautiful trees that shelter the market from rain and sun.


After taking in the market and stoping and chatting with our friends at The Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse & Vegetable Kingdom tents, we explored the streets of Savannah. And what a pretty city it is!! Just aimlessly wandering up and down the streets and alleys was a treat.

We were quite peckish after walking miles up and down and back and forth so we stopped for a delicious late brunch at Collins Quarter. It was really tasty and a great way to fortify ourselves for a little more walking and the drive back to Charleston.


We’re hoping the rest of the year is full of little day trips like this one. There’s nothing like a new year to spark the excitement of adventure & travel!

Where is this year going to take you?


Charleston Spice Co.

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