Pasta Salad

Pretty pasta salad

This is less of a recipe post and more of a really easy guideline for some fresh tasty pasta salad!

First you’ll need to get our Oikogeneia Greek Blend and follow the recipe on the back to make a DELIGHTFUL vinaigrette.

Then cook up some pasta (any kind you want; curly, flat, tubular)

Dice up some fresh veg (tomato, mushroom, carrot, celery, cucumber… heck you could even venture into the realm of olives and artichokes, that would be nice)

Crumble some cheese (feta, goat, bleu, manchego)

Throw everything in a bowl, pour some of that vinaigrette all over it, stir it up and VIOLÀ! You’ve got some fresh pasta salad.

Get a little crazy with the ingredients or stick to the basics, no matter what you do, let your heart (and stomach) lead the way and you’ll never fail!


Charleston Spice Co.

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