Frittata Guideline


If you’re looking for an easy meal to whip up after a busy day on the town or a lazy day at the beach you can’t go wrong with a frittata.

Here’s a link to a brilliant foolproof frittata guide. A frittata is the sort of thing you can whip up at moments notice and customize however you please.

We’ve been eating quite a few frittatas recently because we’ve been busy with our market schedule and this is a dish that is great served hot or cold with a little side salad!

As far as seasonings go, listen to your heart.

If you want a southwestern taste use Chimayo Chili, Adobo, or Latin Rub. If you want spicy with a hint of sweet use Cajun or Jerk or a little Curry and Garam Masala. Of course there is always Grill Seasoning or Oikogeneia, those make everything taste good….

The possibilities are endless!

Go forth, experiment, and enjoy!


Charleston Spice Co.

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