The Perfect Popcorn Seasoning for Your Sign.

Madame Saffron August

Due to the impending total eclipse loping across the North American continent later this month, Madame Saffron considers it prudent to provide you with the perfect popcorn seasoning according to your sign.

An eclipse is an extraordinary thing that happens possibly five to six times a year and when it does it shakes up the cosmos ~ whilst things are all a jumble changes occur that could not otherwise be made to happen. In this liminal time, Madame Saffron believes that the spice you put on your popcorn should provide stability and not extra stress.


Let your earth sign lead you ~ Smoky Cajun is the perfect seasoning for you Aries. If you invite a potential lover over to share this treat with you it will have just enough heat to kickstart the flames of desire and by the end of the month if you stay persistant you should see you romantic desires come to fruition.


Truffle Salt. That’s all you need, Taurus. The sensual & material delights of the world are all encapsulated in this nutty earthy salt. It’s not a wild topping, but it is enchantingly delicious and a little bit decadent. If you need to seal the deal or even just begin seducing a potential lover, invite them over for cocktail hour and serve them truffle popcorn as a light snack, you’re sure to win.


With your constant yearning to discover new things I suggest you use Cocoa Nib Rub on your popcorn. This blend was made for steak, but you’re a trailblazer, Gemini. Maybe your lover or partner doesn’t find Cocoa Nib Rub to be all that great. That’s alright, remember relationships aren’t always easy sailing ~ sometimes you have to agree to disagree (and hey, that means there will be more popcorn for you).


Cancer, try Chimayo Chili on your popcorn. The comforting warmth of the New Mexican sun is sure to hit the spot. It’s possible that one of your close friends has been sending subtle vibes that they’d like to be more than friends. Go ahead and invite them over for popcorn & a movie ~ I’ve heard that sometimes that best friends become the best lovers.


Black Truffle Salt, Fresh Jalapeno, Garlic. You are the leader of the pack, you live for and deserve the best. Throw fresh chopped jalapeno and garlic into your oil just as your kernels are about to pop and finish it all off with a dash of truffle salt. A little heat and whole lotta flavor ~ absolute popcorn perfection. Don’t let your self-confidence and somewhat arrogant attitude get in the way of love this month. Don’t be offended if you’re lover offers their opinion on what to season your popcorn with for you’re chill movie marathon date night ~ a relationship thrives on teamwork, it’s not always about you so listen to what they have to say.


Virgo this is your chance to shake it up a little. With the eclipse making things a bit willy nilly, let your wild side out and put Roasted Cajun on your popcorn. A little heat never hurt nobody. If you want love you can have it this month, so take the time to have a little fun! Invite your friends and a potential lover or two over for beer and popcorn on the porch!


You need to put Grill Seasoning on your popcorn. It’s just plain delicious. Creativity is the gateway to love this month. Invite your lover over for a casual crafting hour with popcorn and drinks and you’re sure to make something beautiful together.


Ras al Hanout is your popcorn flavoring, Scorpio. It’s many ingredients and subtle depth of flavor reflect your somewhat mysterious soul. You like someone. They like you. They’re sending you all the signals ~ now would be a good time to make a move. Might I suggest a karaoke date? Why say it when you can sing it?


Chinese 5 Spice and M&Ms – you heard me, Chinese 5 Spice and M&Ms is the perfect sweet yet savory popcorn combo for you, my bow yielding friend. You are a champion, always going forth to conquer the unknown to achieve your goals. With respect to your relationships you may feel a little put out ~ not to sound cliche, take a moment this month to listen to your heart. If you have misgivings, listen and do right by yourself.


Add a little spice and a whole lotta flavor to your popcorn with Caribbean Oil Blend. It’s sweet yet sultry, just like you. You may feeling a little lost with respect to love. This is your month to make plans. That’s right, make plans, call that potential lover and invite them over for popcorn & a movie or get out and enjoy the city together!


Hey Aquarius, why not try some Garam Masala on your popcorn? Full of flavor and depth, a little bit sweet, but add a pinch of salt for heightened flavor. This month you need to have a powwow with yourself ~ what do you want? I’m not talking strictly about romance now, look at the big picture. You gotta do right by you before you can let someone else in.


Shichimi Togarashi might be just the thing for you, my fishy friend. The szechuan pepper will tingle on your tongue and make for a lively popcorn eating experience. Love is sometimes all-consuming for you, whether it’s the love of a job or a person, you give it everything. And that’s great, that’s why you’re an awesome person but please don’t forget about yourself!

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