Dirty Irish Chai ~ two ways

March is a tricky month. Will it be cold, will it be hot, or will it be tepid & springlike? You just never can tell. This year its been a bit warm in the lead up to St. Paddy’s Day so we created a refreshing version of an Irish Coffee!

Dirty Irish Chai

So we made it two ways ~ shaken and stirred.

Pictured above we shook the ingredients with ice for about a minute and a half. This made the drink nice and cold and created a lovely frothy topping.

Pictured below, we combined all the ingredients in a glass with ice, stirred it up a bit, then topped it off with homemade Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream!

Dirty Irish Chai

Both are DELICIOUS. The whipped cream really makes for easy drinking, it’s almost like there isn’t any alcohol in there…. Soooo if you’d like to be more aware of the alcohol you’re drinking and leave out some calories, maybe use the shaken method.

It’s up to you, listen to your heart, either way, you’re gonna get a lovely chai spice sweetness from the simple syrup and a serious kick of caffeine from the cold brew!

Here are the ingredients:

1.5 ounce whiskey of choice

1 ounce Chai Simple Syrup

2 ounces cold brew coffee

Method 1: Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake for at least a minute, strain into a glass & enjoy.

Method 2: Pour all ingredients into a glass with ice. Stir a bit. Top with whipped cream. Enjoy.



Charleston Spice Co.


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