Soy Marinated Eggs

jammy soy eggs

These eggs are super tasty and super easy to make! We found this recipe a while back in Bon Appetit and decided to revisit it, we made some minor changes like adding more garlic and slicing it instead of leaving it whole (Our goal was to make soy noodles w the marinade and who doesn’t love sliced garlic and pasta? More on that later). And we used chipotle flakes… oh and we threw in some Worcestershire sauce because we didn’t have mirin…But other than all that, we followed the recipe!!

Anyhow here it is:

6 eggs

8 cloves of glarlic, sliced

3 tsp chipotle flakes

3/4 cup soy sauce

3 Tbsp. rice vinegar

2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

2 cups water

Bring a large pot of water to a boil ~ while you’re waiting for that magic to happen go ahead and slice up your garlic. Once the water is at a rolling bubble gently throw your eggs in and set your timer for 7 mins (if you want the eggs more runny set the timer for less, if you want them less jammy more solid set your timer for more time). When their time is up throw those bad boys in an ice bath. When they are cool enough to touch get peeling!

In a medium saucepan bring the last six ingredients to a boil ~ once this mixture is boiling reduce heat and let simmer for 5 mins. Remove from heat and if you haven’t already, peel those eggs. Throw your eggs into the soy mix for at least an hour.

Serve by themselves with a little sauce on top and some Shichimi Togarashi or throw them on top of a salad or ramen!!!

Whatever you do with these tasty treats, enjoy!


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