Peach Sangria

We could probably call this Peach Punch for alliteration purposes but since we’re calling this summer The Summer of Sangria, we have to call this refreshing beverage Peach Sangria!!

We made this recipe simply by playing around with a Green Grape Sangria recipe we’ve had for a while now. It’s great because it is so versatile ~ don’t have an apple? Use a peach, or a pear. Don’t have the same color grapes? Use a different kind! It’s a very forgiving recipe, that’s why we love it.

peach sangria

So here’s what ya need:

8 oz sweet red seedless grapes (you can use just green seedless if ya can’t find a sweet seedless red)

1 peach (plus another for garnish, if ya wanna feel fancy)

1/8 cup mint

1/4 cup Ginger Sugar

1 oz fresh lime juice

1 750 ml bottle white wine (we use Cavit Pinot Grigio)

Puree grapes, peach, mint, sugar, & 2 cups of wine in 2 batches in a blender until smooth. Strain this through some cheese cloth into a bowl (we found that a cheese cloth was the best way to squeeze out all that juice, but if you have a fine mesh sieve you are more than welcome to give that a go!). Throw the resulting liquid into a pitcher and add the rest of the wine. Cover and chill at least an hour serve over ice with a fresh peach slice!



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