Greek Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers

Here’s an idea: Mix a little of our Oikegeneia Greek Blend and a handful of olives into some ground turkey. Form it into patties and throw ’em on the grill. Top your burgers with feta cheese and fresh basil and maybe some tomato too!

Happy grilling!


Charleston Spice Co.


Grillin' and daydreamin

By Thursday I’m a goner, my daily motions become arduous and my mind begins to wonder.

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for daydreams about never ending days and warm nights sitting outside with a cool drink listening to the distant rumble of fireworks or the ting of baseball bats. It’s time for smells of grilling and sounds of laughter to drift through the evening air on a regular basis.

It’s time for a holiday, an adventure, a love story.

Grillin' and daydreamin

Grillin' and daydreaminGrillin' and daydreamin


Charleston Spice Co

Ideas for your burgers…

Summertime may be over officially but that doesn’t mean the end of cooking out.

We decided to tryout some ground beef from MiBek Farms (one of our neighbors at the Mt. Pleasant farmers market). After much debate about what we should top our burgers with we thought our best bet would be to make sliders so we could have a little bit of everything!

For the sake of cookouts and tailgates everywhere, we thought it would be very nice of us to share some of our combinations with you. We’re not saying a good old fashion burger with cheese and bacon and ketchup and mustard and lettuce and tomato isn’t awesome but sometimes its nice to spice things up a bit.


The gang's all here

And the first one up is this guy:

BleuChz&BBQ Slider


That’s Bleu cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce. Need we say more? It’s simple and delicious, the hardest part is picking your favorite BBQ Sauce (we used Southern Comfort, which you can pick up at the Mt Pleasant market when you pick up your burger meat).

#2: The Fiesta Slider

Fiesta Slider

Heaven, I’m in heaven…. At least that’s what I was thinking when I was looking at this beauty. Homemade guacamole, chimayo corn, and aji mirasol. The chili paste to heat ya up, and the guacamole to cool you down: perfection.

#3 The Mushroom Burger

Cheese&Mushroom SliderSauteed shiitake mushrooms topped with Jarlsburg ceheese and a lovely sriracha dijon (made using equal parts sriracha and dijon)!

#4 The Irish All Star Burger

Cheese&Bacon Slider

Dubliner cheddar cheese topped with bacon and Ballymaloe relish. Instant classic.

And last but not least #5 The Feta Burger

Olive&Feta Slider

Feta cheese topped with Kalamata olives and spicy Thai basil. So refreshing and flavorful!


Of course after creating all these we still had sliders left over so we let our imaginations take flight. The combinations are endless! So go forth and create the best burger you’ve ever had!