Frogmore Stew Party!

This past weekend we invited over some friends and family for Frogmore Stew! But let’s be honest, that’s not the only food we had. Over the next couple of days we will regale you with tales of all the good eats we tempted our guests with!

With one of our market tents, a few strands of Christmas tree lights, and some white fabric, we turned our backyard into a lovely place to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends.

Off to one side we set up a table for snacks and drinks. We had pimento cheese, savory sprinkle crackers, salt & pepper nuts, and hummus seasoned with our roasted cajun blend.Frogmore Stew Party 2014Frogmore Stew Party 2014

Frogmore Stew Party 2014

We decided to carry over the newspaper tablecloth theme to the drinks and snacks table. This really worked out for the best as we could then write on the “tablecloth” to show what everything was! Brilliant.

As far as drinks go, we had an assortment of beers for the drinkers. And for the non-drinkers we had a fun mix of sodas and the biggest hit, mulled cider!

When our guests arrived we greeted them with a sparkling glass of prosseco with a splash of St. Germain and pointed them in the direction of the snacks.




Frogmore Stew Party 2014

Frogmore Stew Party 2014

While our guests sipped and snacked and chatted in the afternoon light we got the pots boiling for some Frogmore Stew!

More on that in our next post,


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