Mint Juleps

Derby Day 2015

This is a belated post about the Kentucky Derby!! One of the requirements of the day is to have our yearly dose of Mint Juleps, and it sure was a beautiful day for a glass of sweet icy bourbon mint perfection.

Derby Day 2015

Here’s what ya need to make a mighty fine Mint Julep:

2 oz simple syrup

Mint leaves (about 10 per glass)

Crushed ice** (enough to fill your glass)

2 oz bourbon (use Woodford Reserve for authenticity or just your favorite bourbon)

Put mint and simple syrup in your glass and muddle. Pack glass with crushed ice. Add bourbon, stir, and enjoy!

**Don’t have crushed ice? That’s okay, here’s how to create your own:Derby Day 2015

Grab a dish towel and place it on a sturdy surface. Place a ziplock bag filled with ice cubes on top of this towel and cover bag with another dish towel. Grab a heavy object such as a meat mallet or a hammer, and get out all that giddy excitement of making Mint Juleps by crushing that ice!

Derby Day 2015

Whether you have a silver goblet, a commemorative glass, or just a plain old cup we hope you enjoy at least one Mint Julep this summer!


Charleston Spice Co. Derby Day 2015

Asian Pear Sangria

Asian Pear Sangria

This sangria¬†is the perfect complement to a sunny day. It’s light refreshing taste is great for everything from brunch to a cookout to afternoon cocktail hour!

What you’ll need:

1 pound green grapes

3 asian pears, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup packed mint leaves

1/2 cup sugar (we used ginger sugar)

1 vitamin C tablet, crushed to a powder

1 1.5 litre bottle of dry white whine (we used a Pinot Grigio)

Combine half of the ingredients in the blender with 2 cups of wine. Blend until smooth. Pour into a fine mesh sieve covered with cheese cloth. Once most of the liquid has drained pick up the cheese cloth and squeeze out any remaining liquid.

Asian Pear Sangria

Asian Pear SangriaAsian Pear Sangria

Pour liquid into a pitcher and repeat with the second half of the ingredients. Pour remaining wine into pitcher and chill for at least 2 hours before enjoying.

Asian Pear Sangria


You can serve this drink by itself or over ice. If you plan ahead you can put some grapes in the freezer to make “ice cubes” that will chill your drink but not dilute the great taste!

frozen grapes